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    Zhenjiang Hua Guang Chemical Fiber Equipment Co., Ltd.(Zhenjiang Hua Guang Machine Tool Co.,Ltd),which was set up in february 2002 is a middle-sized comprehensive private manufacturing factory.Our factory lies in the historical city——Zhenjiang.Where the China’s biggest river——Yangtse River and the well-known Jinghang Canal meets together.

    Our factory produces chemical fiber mechanics including the integrated mechanical and electrical molten spinner as well as a complete set of equipment for the post-treatment of assembly,and meanwhile provides customers with reference on the project design,and provides them with fore,on,and post-sale service for the installment,adjustment,running and providence of supporting machine which makes us competitive in the market. The chemical fiber equipment we produced can be devided into room-pressure and high pressure spinning,the short fiber of productive cotton type,wool type,two dimensional and three dimensional dough nut fiber,composite spinning,colorful fiber and so on.And we have developed the integrated mechanical and electrical spinning machine of polyester,polypropylene and wool,two types of composite spinning machine and three types post-treatment unit and so on,which makes us able to provide customers with whole sets of equipment of polyester spinning machine as many as 3000 to 30000T.

    The company offers varioususers complete and whole-process service with “first-class products,first-class service”.

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